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Vijay Marie Hospital And Educational Society


Dr.Mohd. Akramuddin MD.DA.

For me 37 years of association with Vijay Marie has become the most valuable asset in my life. Word cannot express my deep love towards Vjay Marie Hospital and sisters of Vijay Marie Convent who made it all possible. Working at Vijay Marie means working for work satisfaction and family atmosphere and the good disposition of the sisters.

Each day as I reach the familiar building of Vijay Marie Hospital, I Feel I have come to a home away from home. I feel I am a part and parcel of this institution. I feel proud of the Institution. Vijay Marie always strove to help the poor and needy and I have seen countless poor patients who got treated at this institution. The sisters uphold best of discipline and moral values.

I am proud to work and more proud to be a Vijay Marian.


Mr.Anand – Ex patient - This is the way they Witness

My family and I will always remain indebted to the selfless committed sisters from Vijay Marie Hospital. The Nurses they train, have imbibed the same spirit of devoted service and hardwork. May God Bless their efforts.


Sr. Jeevana-16th Batch Student

Our life at Vijay Marie Oriented us to be persons for others. We were taught to be efficient Nurses who will look at the patients as persons to be treated with dignity and respect. We are also trained to be a loving daughter and affectionate wife and a caring mother in the family, a responsible citizen, a friend to the lonely, a comforter to the afflicted and a liberated women to brighten up the flickering spirits. Lighted to Lighten is our motto. The name Vijay Marie stays on in our very breath because of its touch. I raise my eyes heaven ward and whisper a prayer of gratitude for my alma mater.

Dr. K. Jayawanthrao

Vijay Marie Hospital is a place where one can experience the manifestation of God's love through the dedicated and committed services of its staff. My daughter Mrs Pratima and her son Abhi who is now six are a living witness to this. Had it not been for the divine intervention, through Dr Sr Susheela Gayam, Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist & the present Medical Superintendent of the hospital, on that fateful day six years ago, they would not have been alive to share their witness today.

Glory be to Almighty for using the hospital as an ordained one to perform His miracles day after day. Every student nurse who receives her training there is a Nightingale of modern era showing her spirit of service , self-sacrifice and professional excellence. I bow my head in reverence to each one of them for all their dedicated services.

Rajesh Babu Bandlamudi

I am Rajesh Babu Bandlamudian Engineer from Hyderabad, NRI, presently working at Doha in Qatar. I have many reasons to be grateful to Vijay Marie Hospital. Especially, my grateful thanks to Dr. Sr. Susheela Gayam,the Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist and the Medical Superintendent of Vijay Marie Hospital for her yeomen services. Having seen the newly launched website of the hospital I’m writing this my testimony with a desire & hope that it may inspire the readers to learn more about the hospital and avail the dedicated services of the hospital.
My Wife Pratima Jyotsna & I were blessed with two beautiful kids. My daughter Amulaya Grace and my son John Abhishek were born at Vijay MarieHospital. I feel so proud that My wife was under the treatment of Dr. Sr. Susheela Gayam a very kind hearted doctor, lover of the poor & an expert surgeon, deeply conscious of her duty & highly ethical minded person. Above all this one can feel that she specially blessed by God with special healing touch. Specially so we experienced Gods special working through her when our Son was born as it was a very complicated pregnancy. But through the diligent care & quick & timely decision that was taken by Dr. Sr. Susheela our Son is alive today. we are so grateful for this beautiful gift of our Son. Today my son John Abhishek is 6 years old and is a perfect normal child. As I recall those troubled days, I wonder how good & gracious God had been to us through the care shown to us by the doctors & nurses.
Vijay Mariehospital being a non-profitable hospital is dedicated to its aim of rendering its medical services to the common man within affordable budget. The hospital is not only known for its super-speciality maternity services but also for its general medical services.
We appreciate all the nun sisters for running Vijay Marie Hospital as a charitable health care institution for their committed, dedicated and devoted services rendered to all sections of the society without any discrimination. In gratitude to all nun sisters particularly Dr. Sr. Susheela Gayam & Vijay Marie Hospitalwe visit the hospital regularly and thank them for all the medical services given to our family. We recommend all our friends to visit Vijay Marie Hospital to seek medical services with healing touch.
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