H.No. 10-1-673, Veernagar, Saifabad
Hyderabad - 500 004. India.
Vijay Marie Hospital And Educational Society

Institution Anthem

From this our land, and far across the ocean,
Our voices raise and sing in praise of thee
What you gave to us, may we give to others
Lighted to lighten bravely on we go
God be with us, our mighty God protect us
This light shine on us it's our fervent prayer

To raise my mind, high above life's trifles
Surrender my strength, my hands my feet my all
Sharing my life to alleviate the suffering
Lighted to lighten bravely on we go
All through the day right from the break of morning
Your light shine on us, guide our weary steps

With a song in our hearts, we shall go on our way
Imparting your touch as soft as silence
To those in despair, our words, shall bring sweet solace

Lighted to lighten in service forth we go
In this shattered world broken in countless fragments,
We pledge our service, bringing hope to all.

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